1: Landscape

Landscape art, even when it aims to be figurative, implicitly or explicitly reflects our visions for how the natural and human-made world should be and our place in it.

Landscape Visions discusses key questions in looking at landscape art and some of the different ways in which painters and printmakers have represented landscape, focusing on the main traditions and visions that have influenced my work.

Natural Landscapes: A Landscape Waiting

Project 1.1: A Landscape Waiting  is inspired by the traditions of Dutch landscape including Rembrandt and Van Gogh. The stone lithograph print is ‘A Landscape Waiting’ not only for Spring, but presents a snatched ephemeral moment of peace before the deluge of rowers and cyclists in whose interests the whole landscape is managed would come and destroy the tranquillity an hour later.

Urban Landscapes: St John’s

Project 1.2: Urban landscape: St John’s draws on traditions of etching and lithography of Rembrandt and Sydney Lee. The hard ground etching depicts a Cambridge cityscape frozen in time, looking back to a nostalgic dream past of Tudor royalty and Victorian sweetshops.

Abstract Landscapes: Roofs

Project 1.3: Landscape composition  produced a series of small experimental linocuts based on a view of roofs in Cambridge, inspired partly by abstract prints of the Vorticists and Grosvenor school. The prints explore effects of overlaying and inverting the same plate on design principles of balance and composition.

Assignment 1: A landscape: Willows

Assignment 1: Willows produced a series of etchings and softfoam monoprints inspired by Maggi Hambling‘s abstract watercolours, Degas etchings and monoprints and impressionist paintings of Monet and Cezanne. These use mark-making, colour and texture to convey feelings and emotions based on an observed then semi-abstracted landscape.


I was also interested in exploring the differences and similarities between what different print media can do compared to other fine art painting and drawing media. I experiment with new media that I had not worked with before:

and revisited some of the media I had enjoyed in Printmaking 1: