Schminke water-based inks

Used in:

Assignment 1: Willows

Project 2.2: Random Abstract Prints

Schminke water-based inks are the first inks I ever used. They are artist-quality linoprint inks, made with high-quality organic and inorganic pigments on a gum arabic base. They have good lightfastness (at least 4-5 stars). They dry within 15 minutes to be wipe-proof but not waterproof and can be overprinted if necessary. There are 15 colours and 3 effect colours.

They can be used for:

  • linocut: the fast-drying time means they can be quickly overprinted and give a sharp line
  • monoprint: being water-based, they are also diluted with water which can produce very beautiful water-colour effects on monoprint. They can also be laid onto softfoam and keep their texture well when used with a palette-knife.