1: Landscape Inspiration

Claude Monet

Claude Monet was one of the inspirations for:

Project 1.2 Urban Landscapes

Assignment 3: Willows

Monet Creative Commons website

Monet urban landscapes

Between 1883 and 1908, Monet travelled to London where he painted two important series — views of Parliament and views of Charing Cross Bridge. My work on this course coincided with two key exhibitions in London at the National Gallery and Tate Gallery.

The Willows

During World War I Monet painted a series of Weeping Willow trees as homage to the French fallen soldiers. Cataracts formed on Monet’s eyes, for which he underwent two operations in 1923. The paintings done while the cataracts affected his vision have a general reddish tone, which is characteristic of the vision of cataract victims. It may also be that after surgery he was able to see certain ultraviolet wavelengths of light that are normally excluded by the lens of the eye, this may have had an effect on the colors he perceived. After his operations he even repainted some of these paintings, with bluer water lilies than before the operation.