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Cornelia Parker

Cornelia Ann Parker OBE, RA (born 1956) is an English sculptor and installation artist. Her work covers sculpture, photography, performance. Her work is often in collaboration with institutions dealing with political as well as psychological themes.

Her ‘violent acts’,  the light textures cast by many of her sculptures and use of found objects were an inspiration for Project 5.2 Arcadia Recycled

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“Beauty is too easy,” says the 56-year-old British artist Cornelia Parker. “Often in my work I take beautiful objects and do extreme things to them, so that they are overlaid with something a bit more sinister and violent.” She laughs. “I’m sure an analyst could have a field day on me.”

Cornelia Parker Tate

‘My work is all about the potential of materials ­– even when it looks like they’ve lost all possibilities.

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Printing with light and glass:

General Election

Objects of obsession