Rose Wylie

Rose Wylie (b. 1934) is a British artist known for her very large playful drawings and paintings on unprimed canvas dealing with her memories of childhood and war.

I first came across Rose Wylie from the TV Imagine Programme July 2018. My approach in Project 5.1 Grand Arcade: Memories Revisited was influenced by:

  • her ideas on the interlinked nature of memory and reality whereby memories are never fixed but reinterpreted in the light of current experience
  • way of continuing to work and chip away at the same piece, sticking and overlaying elements as a process of exploration of ideas
  • very playful aesthetic that increases the impact of her  witty and sophisticated observation of life and its visual representation.

Video Interviews on her art

In the following videos she talks about her memories of childhood and war and how these influenced her art. Her main artistic input was produced after the age of 70. She was always taught not to rub out her drawings and now works and reworks her painting. A key influence on her work was Dada.


About ‘Woof Woof Quack Quack exhibition

Radio interview about the nature of experience and memory


Serpentine Galleries exhibitions: Rose Wylie Quack Quack

 ‘I want to be known for my paintings – not because I’m old’ Skye Sherwin, The Guardian November 2017

Royal Academy

David Zwirner gallery