2: Abstraction Random abstract

Jackson Pollock experiments

Experiments so far: I could make nice plates. But they splurged out when printing. I need to put some stiffening ink in Akua. And also experiment with Holbein Duo. I have problems using solvents, so that is not an option for me.

Issues for printmaking:
– layering – when to overlay, when to marble, when to print in layers?
– texture gets flattened by the press – how do I get depth?
– can I use viscosity printing.
– paint flat or vertically?

Use Holbein duo oil-based inks. But need to be careful about consistency.

Painting with lines not shapes. All-overness. Not blocks of colour. Drawing in the air and does not touch the painting. Uses sticks and many other types of implement. Get different gestural marks.

Blue poles. Painted on nlack. Also uses gravity by putting vertically. Then back on floor. Uses a plank on its side to do the poles, and scrapes it back into the paint.


Anfam, D. (ed.) (2017) Abstract Expressionism, London: Royal Academy of the Arts.