6: Synthesis

This final part of the course looks back at all the techniques and practice that I have done in the course to consolidate my learning in one final piece of work that brings together all the elements of study.

Parallel Project: Life Unleashed: Movement in  the Art of Maggi Hambling

This final part draws on the parallel project and the final print bases itself on the work of my selected printmaker: Maggi Hambling drawing on the way she works, her techniques, processes and themes. For the parallel project see:

Life Unleashed:Movement in the Art of Maggi Hambling: Parallel Project pdf

For other notes and video interviews of Maggi Hambling see:

Maggi Hambling: Overview and video links

Assignment 6: One Mouth Kissing

This final piece (40 x 59 cm) draws particularly on Hambling’s emotional abstracts in the Towards laughter series, but incorporates her movement and textural monoprint techniques from her monotypes from life models and Walls of Water.

One Mouth Kissing
Monoprint using Schminke water-based ink on Arches watercolour paper. 40X59cm.