6: Synthesis: Maggi Hambling (forthcoming)

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You are asked to look back at your study of an artist/printmaker and the work
you produce will be self-consciously emulating the work of that printmaker. You will not be copying their work, but using what you have learned of the way they work, the techniques they use, the treatment, processes and themes, to arrive at your own ‘take’ on what their work represents. All artists ‘take’ and learn from other artists all the time. Art evolves because artists look at each others’ work and are influenced by each other.

Why was I interested in Maggi Hambling?

What I have learned about Maggi Hambling.

What I have enjoyed best about this course?

Which techniques do I think I am best at and can execute with ease?

What sort of subject matter do I like working with best: Abstract? Landscape? Portraiture? Still life? What is the theme of choice of
the artist you have studied?

Process of arriving at the final print

Maggi Hambling is primarily a painter, but has also done powerful monoprints, etchings, lithographs and drypoints. What characterises all Maggi Hambling’s work is her feeling for movement and texture in both her paintings and prints. Her life monoprints and drawings attempt to capture the movement in the figure during the sitting. She has been prominent in advocating gay rights and particularly her more recent work has dealt with political themes like global warming, migration and war.

I am as yet undecided between two possibilities for my final print in Assignment 6:

  • to look more specifically at her monochrome monoprints, comparing her mark-making with that of Edgar Degas focus on light and Koichi Yamomoto focus on abstract shapes. Also drawing on texture experiments with salt etch abstract mark-making I did in Printmaking 1, and aim to try and reproduce with drypoint and carborundum.
  • to focus more on her oil-painting textures using Holbein Duo water-based inks

Likely topics are either ‘The Kiss’ based on the forthcoming exhibition at British Museum, or a portrait or life drawing with an emotional feminist theme.


2009 National Gallery

2010 Maggi Hambling The Wave Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge 27 April to 8 August 2010

This sea, the widest of mouths, roaring or laughing, is always seductive. Life and death mysteriously co-exist in the timeless rhythm of the waves.

National Gallery Walls of Water

British Museum Touch

2017 Edge

2018 Claudius, Alde Valley Festival 28th April 2018 monotype life drawings and large oil self portrait