Supporting Studies

Part 1: Natural and Urban Landscapes

Project 1.1 Natural Landscapes

Project 1.2 Urban Landscapes

Project 1.3 Abstract Landscapes

Assignment 1: Willows

Part 2: Abstraction

Project 2.1 Formal Abstracts: Japanese Landscape

Project 2.2 Random Abstract Prints

Assignment 2: Human Condition

Part 3: Chiaroscuro

Project 3.1 Leon

Assignment 3: Mushrooms

Part 4: Portraits

Project 4.1 Portrait of a Friend

Project 4.2 Self Portrait

Assignment 4: Life in Red White Black: Abstract Self-Portrait

Part 5 : Memory

Project 5.1: Grand Arcade Memories Revisited

Project 5.2 Arcadia Recycled

Assignment 3: The Dreaming

Part 6: Synthesis

Life Unleashed: Movement in the Art of Maggi Hambling 

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