Project 1.2 Urban landscapes


Do several sketches at different times of the day, concentrating on details, making clear notes and so on.
Once back at home, take a look at your sketches. Complete an urban landscape drawing that you can convert into the print medium of your choice.

  • Reflect on why you chose the print media you did. Was it successful?
  • Make notes on the process: the difficulties, anything that surprised you, the things you found straightforward.

Overview and assessment

I live in Cambridge which provides plenty of inspiration for ‘traditional’ urban landscapes with old architecture. In many ways too much, so I had to focus – leaving other things for future.

Cambridge does have some hustle and bustle and also shopping centres.

Development of the image

I started by looking back through some of my old sketches – for ideas and also to do something new.

And to think about what characterises urban as opposed to natural landscapes.

I looked at different artists:

  • Kossof of London
  • Impressionists

Started a Pinterest Board of urban landscapes in:




First sketches

I decided to focus on the Round Church and/or the view through to St John’s college because of the interesting contrast of architecture and styles.



St Johns: Hardground etch


Other possible projects

These are alternative images I would like to develop at some point. But they do not contrast as clearly with Project 1.1 as required by the project guidelines. So I would have to redo both projects.

Back of Kings: Drypoint


King’s college courtyard: Paper Drypoint

Round Church: impressionist monoprint


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