3.9 Japanese impressions: linocut experimental markmaking

The Brief

This project experiments with different tools to create a broader range of cuts and textures that linocutters alone cannot do. The aim is to discover new ways of creating cuts, marks and textures on lino and extend your range of expressive opportunities. Mark out squares on a large lino block and fill each with marks made by only one implement. Try to keep the textures in an organised pattern. In printing you can use one or more colours.

Select two prints of your experimental mark making test linocut, choosing those where the shapes are clear and well printed. They may be on different types of paper. Include a statement describing which tools and implements you have used.

For the statement on details of tools and assessment see Logbook 3 pp 20 – 22.

Cutting Experiments

Test plate proofs

Final prints

3.2_Linocutplate_final-3 3.2_Linocutplate_final-1 3.2_Linocutplate_final-2


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