1: Landscape

This section explores a landscape and townscape theme. At the end of these projects you will have made two contrasting prints, each presenting a different form of landscape – a natural landscape and an urban landscape, and experimented with composition.

For each landscape a different approach, colour scheme and composition will be required but try to get them to work together visually. You might decide to link them by making them the same size even though they could be in different print methods. Alternatively, they could be of the same method, for example linocut, but of different sizes and using different cutting methods. The objective of this assignment is that the prints contrast and complement one another.

Each print should derive from sketches made in your sketchbook or from life. You will need to make several of each scene in order to explore details, colours, tones and composition. All of these elements will be important considerations in your final prints and the more information you gather at this early stage the better. Work hard to develop your sketchbook practice in an extensive and experimental way.

I experiment with etching, lithography and screenprint as well as linocut to explore some of the different effects and potentials of each.

Project 1.1: Natural landscapes

Project 1.2: Urban landscapes

Project 1.3: Landscape composition

Assignment 1: A landscape