1: Landscape

In this first part of the course I am particularly interested in exploring the differences and similarities between what different print media can do compared to other fine art painting and drawing media.

I experiment with new media that I had not worked with before:

and revisited some of the media I had enjoyed in Printmaking 1:

  • linocut (Project 1.3)
  • monoprint on softfoam, foamboard, mylar to explore some of the different effects and potentials of each. And tissue paper textured prints. (Assignment 1)

Natural Landscapes

The Cam. Lithograph

Project 1.1: Natural landscapes

Urban landscapes

St John’s. Etching.

Project 1.2: Urban landscapes

Abstract landscapes

Project 1.3: Landscape composition

Assignment 1: A landscape

Assignment 1: Willows

Thinking about Assignment 6: Synthesis Maggi Hambling