Jess Freeman


Jess Freeman is a printmaker working in London. She specialises in linocut landscapes.

She does very dramatic landscapes with strong contrast between jagged forms for clouds and rocks. She uses eg trees for framing devices. She combines very bold sweeping incised lines of different sizes and directions with small areas of very small detailed dots. But there is an underlying unity of tonal shapes and forms.



Imaginary landscapes

Some of these are extremely effective with their framing and tonal contrasts of shape blocks, coupled with different types of markmaking.

Imaginary landscape 1

Imaginary landscape 3

Imaginary landscape 4

Large landscapes

I find these most effective of all with their really jagged and energetic marks and dramatic composition.

Large landscape May 2013

Large landscape June 2013

Large landscape June 26 2013

Large landscape July 2013

Abstract landscapes

I do not find these so interesting. They use a variety of mark=making but lack the dramatic sweep of line and shape of her other work.