Christine Koch

website linocuts:

Canadian printmaker who does landscapes of Canadian glaciers : long format 12″x6″. These focus particularly on shape and tonal contrasts between land and sky in long sweeping land.

Summer Ice 2007 Here the textural marks in the white sky contrast with the textural marks of the ice creating an interesting compositional tension.

Convergence of glaciers 2007  This has a white curly sky, that I find somewhat distracting.

Tidal Zone 2010 Here the white sky is separated from the land by a black silhouette of a mountain range. I find this more effective as a design than the previous image.


These linocut prints are examples from a large ongoing suite of black and white linocuts which date from 1993. These are the source prints from which theTesserae series derives. Linocut, like woodblock printing, is a relief printmaking technique, the only difference being the medium into which I carve my image (ie., linoleum, as opposed to wood). My subject matter comprises both inside (still lifes) and outside (landscapes), sometimes both within the same print. My interest in black and white linocut lies in its uncompromising graphic directness, and the challenges it presents to the painter in me, whose great pleasure is working in colour. In the absence of colour, in these prints I have had to rely on other visual qualities and formal elements: composition, texture, pattern and the range of marks available to the linocut technique. Working in this medium has been an enormously informative experience, and I think the influence of working in linocut is evident in my recent gouaches.