Zemni Prints

Zemni Prints is the Blog of Linda Mayoux to synthesise my learning from the open College of the Arts Printmaking 2 course.

Part 1: Natural and Urban Landscapes

Project 1.1 Natural Landscapes

Project 1.2 Urban Landscapes

Project 1.3 Abstract Landscapes

Assignment 1: Grand Arcade abstracted

Part 2: Abstraction (forthcoming March 2018)

Part 3: Chiaroscuro (forthcoming April 2018)

Part 4: Portraits (forthcoming June 2018)

Part 5 : Memory (forthcoming August 2018)

Part 6: Review : Maggi Hambling (ongoing for completion June 2018)

Printmaking 1 Portfolios 2015

About this Blog

My learning is never linear. This has meant that my thoughts have multiple interlinkages and cross-cutting thoughts and themes. These interlinkages are much easier to present through a hyperlinked blog. For further general information about my art, my assessment inventory, myself and other OCA courses see:

Artist’s Statement 

Assessment Inventory

About Linda Mayoux and Zemni

My other OCA courses.

Inspiration Resources

charting my reading, exhibition and gallery visits and web resources used with links to posts on key printmakers and artists studied.

Technical Notes

for each technique : monoprint, linocut, relief experiments, collagraph and combination prints and the way my skills have evolved.

Assessment Inventory

Although blogs are useful for showing linkages between the different elements:

  • it is difficult to assess images, textures and colours through web images so for more details of these please see my Logbooks and Sketchbooks
  • copyright and limitations in digital technology, mean that detailed consideration of copyrighted sources of inspiration are difficult to do on the blog.

So this blog must be seen also together with the detailed work in my Logbooks and Sketchbooks submitted for assessment.